Daffodils SPORTS Activities

This quote implied that it was on the playing fields of Eton that the British youth, who later joined the British Army, developed their physical and moral strength that enabled them to win the wars they fought for the glory of their country.

Hence he and the Management of the school lay stress on the organization of sports and games to ensure that ample opportunities are provided to the students to develop their physical and moral strength so that they are able to face whatever obstacles they come across in their lives and during the service they undertake for the progress of the country.

Daffodils plays a huge emphasis on sports. We aim to create an awareness of the crucial importance of regular physical activity and fitness, teamwork and a keen, positive competitive spirit, and of carrying these forward into adulthood. In our view, nothing equips children better for life than participation in sports.

Sport is compulsory for all our students from every class and on a daily basis. The programme for the different age - grade levels is as follows:

#Kindergarten to Class 5 : Basics of motor development skills - gross movement patterns -fun with sports and fitness.

# Classes 6& 7: Exposure to multiple sports / track & field activities. Identification of proficiency in any particular sport or game.

#Grades 8, 9 & 10: Specialized focus on the sport or game of choice. We teach younger children how to train the various systems of the human body - the Balance system, Power system, Strength system - using various fun activities for strength and balance and speed and agility drills to enhance performance in their chosen sports. An Adventure Course runs through the school. It is designed to challenge the child’s physical fitness, co-ordination as well as individual and team sportsmanship.

In addition, school teams have a rigorous two-hour practice session during the weekdays morning & evening. Believing, as we do, in striving for the highest standards, we have formed associations with the specialist third party organizations to train students who have the ability, capability or motivation for superior levels of sporting achievement.

Trained coaches guide children in team and individual sports like cricket, football, badminton, basketball, Hockey, table tennis, Archery as well as volleyball.

Hence Daffodils conducts and organises a series of intra school sports activities throughout the academic year and takes part in the inter school sports activities in our city. Sports Clubs have been organized in Skating, Chess, Karate, Archery, Cricket, Basketball, Badminton, Table Tennis and Taekwondo providing an opportunity to identify and develop the talents of the students in these sporting activities.

Daffodils also organizes and conducts inter-school sports activities like the Late Sri Thyagarajan Inter School Football Tournament and invites schools to send their 4 x 400 m relay teams to participate in its Annual Sports

Daffodils also encourages its students to participate in various inter-school sports and games organized by other schools, Education Boards and other school organizations.