Daffodils INTRA SCHOOL SPORTS Club Activities


Daffodils has sponsored the following Sports Clubs to cater to the development of the individual interests and talents of the students of the school.

Skating, Chess, Karate, Archery, Cricket, Basketball, Badminton, Table Tennis and Taekwondo.

Skating Club

What started as a hobby, Roller Skating is today a recreational activity and a sport. Roller skating is popular among today’s youth. Daffodils has organized a Roller Skating Club for its students. Roller skating today is popular as an aerobic workout and is known to help reduction of body fat and consumption of calories.

Daffodils Roller Skating Club instructor is Mr Nagarjuna. He is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering and has nine years of experience in coaching in Roller Skating. A recognized coach in the KSRSA and BDRSA, he is also a technical official in Roller Skating State and District Championship events.

Chess Club

Chess is known to have originated in India, and is played by millions worldwide. Playing chess increases our creativity, exercises both sides of the brain, improves our memory and is said to prevent dementia.

Daffodils Chess Club is coached by Mr Sandeep. He is a regular chess coach and has Coach FIDE chess players – Niranjan Navalgund, Sneha Karekar (who was selected for Nationals in 2001/02), Vinayak Kulkarni,Halsagar Chincholimath,Aniket pawashe,Ritesh Dharmatti and many more. He has conducted many State level and National level chess competitions in the past.

Karate Club

Karate is a martial art that originated in Asia and has spread all over the world. Modern Karate places emphasis on self development and instils in its practitioner perseverance, fearlessness and virtue and leadership skills. It can be used as an art of self defence or as a combat sport. A number of moral lessons can be learnt from karate.

Daffodils Karate Club has Mr. Vasanth KP as it Karate Instructor. He has conducted training programs for school children in Mandya, Mysore, Coorg and Bangalore and has participated and won several Karate Competitions. He has a predilection for training children with promising talent particularly those from the backward sections of society absolutely free. He believes in gender equality and would like to have equal number of boys and girls in each of his courses. He is of the view that in today’s violent world, every girl should be capable of protecting herself. In Daffodils Mr Vasanth is ably assisted by Mr. KV Laveen.

Archery Club

Archery as a sport or a recreation is a great activity for the improvement of a person’s physical and mental health. A physically demanding activity, archery improves a student’s physical strength develops his/her focus (attention skills) and self-confidence. As a holistic activity archery helps improve one’s self-esteem and is a calming and de-stressing exercise.

Daffodils Archery Club Instructor Mr Manjunath has five years of experience as an athletic coach in the Innis Free International School. He has Worked as BDA in Sports Nest and in Cambridge High School (K.R.puram) through Leap Start. He is working as School Heads in Greenwood International High School through Leap Start

Cricket Club

Cricket is an unique team sport. Bowler, batsman and fielder have individual roles to play on the field each of them acting independently. But their individual acts influence the success or failure of the teams they play for. Running between wickets for a run to be scored needs the co ordination and co-operation of both the batsmen. In this game a cricket player learns an important lesson of making the right decisions and acting on them without adversely affecting the fortunes of individuals or the team, sometimes even suppressing individual ambitions for the sake of accomplishing the goals of the team - soft skills necessary in our lives. The standard of sportsmanship in cricket is so high that “it’s not cricket” is a sentence that is commonly used to describe unjust or underhand behaviour in our daily life. Mr Vasanth one of our own PE teacher also a crickter along with Mr Joseph from Bangalore Occassional is been training our students.

Badminton Club

Badminton is a racquet sport where racquets are used to hit a shuttle cock across a net. It reveals and develops the latent bodily-kinaesthetic intelligence of an individual. It is an Olympic Game and is popular the world over.

This Camp Coach is Ms. Poonam who has done her masters in Physical Education and has four years of experience as a coach. She has worked with Leap Start, a premier sports and physical education organization.

Table Tennis Club

Table Tennis in 1880 was invented as an alternative to lawn tennis and was an after dinner indoor game for the affluent. It gradually evolved into an International Game and became an Olympic game in 1988. It has now proliferated all over the World.

Table Tennis improves mental acuity, improves hand and eye reflexes, exercises the joints and improves concentration. The Camp’s Instructor Mr Anoop U. represented University of Mysore in the South Zone Inter-University Tournaments 2009-10 in Table-Tennis.

Hockey Club

The National game of our country is one of the most active clubs at Daffodils. Mr Sommanna who has a M.Ped has been in asociation with our school for several years. He also Freelances Hockey and Football coaching at various centers.

Basket Ball and Volley Ball Club

Our school has tied up with BYFL (Bangalore Youth Football League). Experienced trainers visit our campus to train the students in both thes events.Students are also given opportunities to go and compete at various levels.

Football Club

One of the most popular sport across the globe has been taken up by most of our students as part of activity. Mr Shyam Thiwari, one of our physical trainer is been training us students for several years. Our school has also associated itself with BYFL to uplift the students to reach the next level.

Throwball Club

Ms Vidhu who holds a M.Ped is one of our own physical trainer, who is national hockey player has taken up the task to train our students in this sport.