Daffodils INTRA SCHOOL SPORTS Activities

The importance of sports and games in school cannot be over emphasized. The academic curriculum pursued in a school provides a child with an opportunity to develop a sound mind. But it is the sports and games organized for the students in the school that caters to the development of a sound body. The House System functioning in the school and in the sports and games activities of the school prepares the students to face healthy competitions among their peers and face success or failure with equanimity. The House System in sports and games helps in identifying and assessing the standard of the talents of the students and enables Daffodils to provide individually tailored schemes to develop these talents.

The Sports Clubs organized in the school are Skating, Chess, Karate, Archery, Cricket, Basketball, Badminton, Table Tennis and Taekwondo.

Inter-house Volleyball, Table-tennis, hockey, football matches are organized in the school every year. The Annual Sports conducted in the school is the zenith of all sport activities in the school.