Daffodils Schools CCA - CLUB ACTIVITIES

In Daffodils it is imperative that apart from the academic activities, every student should participate in one or the other intra co curricular activity. However it is possible that a child may not be keen on joining any of co curricular activities offered by the school. Yet there may be some activity that the child may be interested in. Such an activity may require the help of experts who have not only proficiency in the activity but has an aptitude in training students in that activity.

Daffodils has sponsored a number of clubs in the school each of which is manned by an expert or a team of experts in the activity assigned to each club. The activities of these clubs and the experts who have been given the responsibility of organizing and conducting them have been carefully and thoughtfully chosen by our CEO himself. It is hoped that the activities of these clubs will cater to the specific and individual interest of the students and help in identifying and developing the latent skills and intelligences of the students who avail them.

Guitar Club

Playing the guitar, enhances the functioning of the brain, serves as a stress reliever and gives a boost to the student’s social activities and brings out and develops the musical intelligence that is latent in the individual.

Mr.Prakash our Guitar Club Instructor is a lead guitarist and enjoys working with children. He has studied music in Sarbabharatiya Sangeet and Sanskriti Parishad, West Bengal.Prakash wants to put his ten years experience to good use, especially in identifying and grooming budding artists carve a niche for themselves. His area of expertise extends to vocal music, and playing Tablas, Dholak and the Mouth Organ. He is a multi linguist and enjoys teaching different kinds of songs. A disciplined teacher who connects with youngsters easily, Prakash is in his element when he is strumming the guitar. Our children enjoy every session with him and that motivates them to learn willingly.

Western Dance Club

Today’s youth have shown a keen interest in Western dancing. Whether a variety show on the stage or TV or an informal get-together like a birthday party, Western dancing is a definite part of the programme. Western dancing brings out and develops the bodily-kinesthetic intelligence of an individual. Daffodils has on its board two Western dance instructors :

Mr.Arun is a dancer, a performer and an instructor at various studios like Fusion Studio 5678, Intention Fitness and SAF Studio. He is well versed with the Hip-hop, Bollywood, Western, Salsa, Freestyle, B-Boying and Contemporary forms of Dance and has choreographed many dance programs .A few to mention are: A Dance reality show featured in ‘Amrutha’ television in the year 2011; State level Dance Festival organised in the year 2013; Inter college Fests and Inter school dance competitions. He is the Western Dance Club Instructor for students from Classes 1 to 5

Mr. Kishan Bilagali is a well experienced and known choreographer in town. He is an expert in Bollywood dance and hip hop dance. He is the Western Dance Club Instructor for students from Classes 6 to 9.

Bharatanatyam Club

Among the various genres of Indian Classical Dances the Bharata Natayam is a major genre of Classical Dance developed in the temples of South India. Daffodils has two Bharatanatyam Dance Instructors

Ms. Gayathri S who has completed her graduation in B.E. Information Science in 2015. Her repertoire of dance forms includes Bharatanatyam, Bollywood, folk dance and contemporary dances. She obtained a Junior degree in Bharatanatyam under the guidance of Ms. Seema Javahar. She is currently undergoing a diploma course in Bharatanatyam from the Alliance University. She has two years of teaching experience at Bharateeya Sangeeta Vidyalaya. She is the Bharatanatyam Dance Instructor for students from Classes 1 to 5.

Ms.Satyavathi is being trained by her father and Guru Sri K.M.Raman in Pandanallur style of Bharathnatyam from the age of 5.She has spread the fragrance of her hidden talent for more than 28 years. She is a post graduate in Kannada from Mysore University.She has been honoured with YuvakaBhiradari award from Bombay in the year 1996.She is a full time instructor at Sri Raja RajeshwariNritya Kala Mandira,Bangalore and Tumkur. She has been training a number of students for last 15 years. Besides giving solo and group performances in many major Dance Festivals and performing centres in India she was also involved in directing and choreographing dance ballets. She is the Bharatanatyam Dance Instructor for students from Classes 6 to 9.

Music Club

Learning music caters to the discovery and development of the latent musical intelligence that Gardner spoke of. Everybody loves music. Daffodils sponsored Music Club encourages students to explore the extent of musical talent available in them and provides the resources required to develop that talent.

The Music Club Instructor is Mr Ravi Ghai. He is the founder of KAYA Music. KAYA is engaged in music since 2009. Currently KAYA coaches more than 150 school kids in western and Indian music, primarily choir singing. They cover a wide range of music genres languages. Their repertoire contains diverse themes mainly: motivational, devotional, patriotic, social and environmental, besides classical drawn from musicals.

Western Music Club

In this globalised world interest in Western Music is increasing. Perhaps as Rudyard Kipling opined East may be East and West may be West and never the twain will meet in other human activities but where Music is concerned the fusion of Western Music with our country’s music is a trend that is proliferating in every field of musical activity. Yet there will be amongst the students of Daffodils many of whom would like to learn Western music in its purest form. This Club is for them.

The Music instructor for clases 1 to 5 is Mrs. Suma Manjunath, who is trained in the field of light music

The Music Instructor of the Club Mr Sreevats has worked with several excellent musicians in India as well as overseas – Joe Anthony ( ex-drummer for Lucky Ali),Hanu and Manu Kholsa (joint ex-executives of Los Angeles based music production house Sonic Symphony ), Ollie Roberts(of UK based heavy metal bands FuryBorn and Silent Prophecy) to mention a few. He is currently a primary composer, guitarist and vocalist in Bangalore based progressive rock group Rainburn. He has a wide experience working as a Music teacher in various schools of New Delhi.

Dramatics Club

The purpose of the Dramatic Club is to provide a creative outlet for the theatrically inclined children and to learning about acting, play production and stage work.

The Instructor in charge of the Dramatics Club is Mr. SyedInamullah - an Engineer by profession. He has been trained under RathanThakore Grant and Mike Fontana. He has conducted a number of workshops and has also directed Star Spangled Girl which was staged at Alliance Franchise. He has acted in many plays under Cult Productions. His passion for dramatics has drawn him towards exposing children to the intricate art of organizing and conducting courses that develop the skills of acting, play production and stage work.

Literary Club

The Daffodils Literary Club provides those students who are interested in pursuing literary activities like debates, essay writing, declamation etc with a platform to hone their literary skills.

School Band

Daffodils has a School Band. The Band Master is Sgt Denzel Peterson(Retd) who served in the Indian Air Force Band for 15 years from 1972 to 1987. From 1987 he has served in various schools as a Band Master and is at present the Band Master at Baldwin’s Girls’ High School and Bethany High School.

Key board Club

Many students are fond of the keyboard. Daffodils has provided a platform and an opportunity for the children to learn the keyboard. Mr. Vishal is the keyboard instructor.

German Club

There may be some students who would like to be proficient in the use of more than one language. The German Club is the platform where they could learn German.

The German Club Instructor is Ms Rashmi. She has A1/A2 Level certification in German from Max Mueller Bhavan, Goethe and B1 level certification from the Max Mueller Bhavan, Bamgalore. She has more than 2 years experience as a part time German Trainer in Challenge Academy.

Scouts, Guides, Cubs and Bulbuls

The Scout and Guide movement started by Lord Baden Powell in England in 1907 spread to all parts of the world which were parts of the British Empire. Scouting came to India in 1909 and the first scout troop was started in Bangalore in Bishop Cotton Boys High School in 1909.

The Bharat Scouts and Guides entrusted with the task of organizing and running the scout and guide movement in India with the avowed purpose of developing the spiritual, physical and emotional development of the boys and girls under its care, is a voluntary, non-political movement open to all with distinction of cast, colour, religion or creed.

The units in Daffodils are ably led by Mrs Indumathi, Guider and Mr Vasanth, Scouter

Taekwondo Club

Taekwondo is a Korean Martial Art which is analyzed in detail by Choi Hong in his “Theory of Power”. Speed and dexterity are the defining characteristics of Taekwondo. While there are different types of Taekwondo, anaerobic, aerobic workouts, relaxation and meditation exercises, a focus on ethical discipline, personal success and leadership skills are important components. Taekwondo helps to develop the all round personality of an individual.

Ms.Pallavi ,Taekwondo Club Instructor has completed her Masters degree in Economics. She has worked as an assistant coach at KTA, is working as coach at Don Bosco Engineering college, Delhi Public school, GEAR International School, Elite English School, Little Flower English School and Premier English school,. She has participated in 2 Internationals, 48 Nationals Championships, 30 State Championships and 41 Inter collegiate Championships .She has won many awards, a few to mention are:

State award, Bangalore Ratna award, Kempe Gowda award, Pancha Ratna award, Budda Peace award,Chatrapathi Shivaji State award, Vishwamanya Viveka Ratna award, Onake Obavva award