The Management of Daffodils has provided the students of the school with a carefully selected bouquet of intra school co-curricular activities embedded in an environment that fosters a healthy and competitive rivalry among the students generated by the School House System.

The House system comprises of four Houses – Iris, Lily, Poppy and Tulip. The co-curricular activities are organised on an inter house basis. One benefit of having a House System in the school is that many of the students who are not talented enough to represent the school in various inter-school tournaments and competitions, would have an opportunity to demonstrate their talents and skills in the competitive atmosphere of the Inter-House competitions. Thus an assessment of the skills of the students developed in the intra school co-curricular activities, is made and encouragement given to improve their skills.

The CCA Clubs available in Daffodils are Guitar, Western Dance, Bharatnatyam, Light Music, Western Music, Dramatics, Literary, School Band, Keyboard, German, French, Scouts and Guides to students of Classes 6 to 9 and Western Dance, Bharatnatyam, Cubs and Bulbuls, Westren Music and Light Music to students of Classes 1 to 5.
The CCA Clubs are conducted for all Classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays a session of one and half hours each .