As indicated earlier co-curricular activities bring out the linguistic, logical-mathematical and spatial talents of an individual student and serve to supplement the efforts by the teachers who diligently encourage and foster the inherent talents of the student within the four walls of the class room.

Each and every co-curricular activity has been carefully chosen and introduced into the school after ensuring that the teachers/coaches/trainers are of unimpeachable integrity and are capable of performing the multi-dimensional functions that the organizing and executing the co-curricular activity entails. The co-curricular activities may be classified as intra.-school, inter- school and holistic activities. Along with the co curricular activities, Daffodils has introduced CC A Clubs that cater to the peculiar interests of individual students of the School.

The CCA Clubs are: Guitar, Western Dance, Bharatanatyam, Music, Western Music, Dramatics, Literary, School Band, Keyboard, German, Arts and Craft, Scouts, Guides and Bulbuls. CCA Clubs are conducted on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 1 ½ hours each day. While all the CCA Clubs are open to students of Classes 6 to 9, only the Guitar, Western Dance, Bharatnatyam and Bulbul Clubs are open to students of the Primary school as well.