Shri P.K.Beemaiah Inter School Literary Fest

Daffodils believes that co curricular activities should be organized to hone the linguistic, logical-mathematical and spatial intelligences of the wards placed under its care. While the intra school co-curricular activities include a formal assessment of the progress made by individual student participating in the activity, an inter-school activity such as the Shri P. K .Bheemaiah Inter School Literary Fest organized and conducted as part of the Founder’s Day Celebrations will help our students assess their progress in comparison with their peers in other schools. The following competitions are regular features in this Literary Fest:

A. These seven competitions help bring out the oral communication skills of individuals.

  1. Dumb Charades: In this competition one competitor plays “dumb” and through actions and gestures enacts the word or phrase given to him/her. The opposing competitor will try to guess the word or phrase the first competitor is trying to say. Action speaks louder than words.
  2. Debate: This is no run of the mill debate. The format is so designed that only two teams participate in each debate. The debaters on the two teams are continuously active during the debate and are attentive to the views expressed by the opposing team throughout the debate.
  3. Recitation : Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility. William Wordsworth and when poetry is recited Poetry comes alive to me through recitation. Natalie Merchant
  4. Pick & speak: An impromptu public speaking competition, students participating in this competition reveal how well informed they are in variety of topics and how eloquently they can speak without any preparation.
  5. Spelling Bee: With a proliferation of mobile phones and a proclivity to use abbreviated words in SMS’s, there is a sharp decline in the use of correct spellings in written English. The Spelling Bee competition’s main aim is to overcome this impediment.
  6. Poetry on stage: Here Poetry is brought to life. The poem is performed with a good stage presence in mind combined with good eye contact, enunciation, facial expressions and gestures at the same time speaking clearly and distinctly bringing out the ethos, pathos and happiness that is expressed in the poem succinctly.
  7. Elocution : It is a refined form of public speaking where the pronunciation, grammar, style and tone are faultless

B.The next two competitions reveal the extent of knowledge in literature, and the capability of expressing oneself in writing creatively.

  1. Literary Quiz: A quiz based on literature brings out the extent of knowledge a contestant has on a particular theme, topic, era, authors and their works, pictures, pen names, etc., in literature.
  2. Creative Writing : This event brings out the creativity of an individual and the ability to express his/her thoughts in prose, poetry, plays, speeches etc as vividly as possible.
Prathiba Karanji

Prathiba Karanji is organized by the Education Department. The cultural and literary competitions are conducted at Cluster, Block, District and State levels.

For Class 1 to 4 and from 5 to 7 Individual Competitions conducted are Recitation, Recitation- Religious verses(Sanskrit and Arabic),Light Music, Fancy Dress, Drawing, Storytelling, Action song, clay modeling, Yogasanas (for class 5 to 7 only).

Group Competitions are Folk Dance, Patriotic song, Kolata, Quiz (selected 2 students from each School). For Class 8 to 10 Individual Competitions are Speech, Recitation- Religious verses(Sanskrit and Arabic) Yogasana , Karnatak classical Music, Hindustani Classical Music, Folk Songs, Light Music, Bharatnatayam, clay modelling, Mimicry, Essay Writing, Debate, Rangoli, Gazals, Fancy Dress, Drawing, Storytelling. Group Competitions are Folk Dance, Kolata, Quiz (selected 2 students from each School) Drama, Kavali and Science Model making.

A competition that helps in the personality development and non-cognitive skills of the students, and brings out the latent talents of children in soft skills.


Berserk comprises of intensive workshops within the verticals of Theatre, Dance, Music and Visual Arts creating a space to hone their skills and unleash their creativity. It enables students to benchmark their achievements in various disciplines of Visual Arts

Other Inter School Events
  1. Presidency Challenge
  2. Creative Writing Competitions in English, Kannada and Hindi at Sri Rama Vidyalaya.
  3. Times of India Quiz Competition
  4. Albert Barrow Creative Writing Competition
  5. Debate Competition at Aradhana School
  6. KISA Creative Writing Competition