Activities at Daffodils Schools

Daffodils schools are committed to provide to the students enrolled in it a learning/teaching environment wherein a student is able to identify and develop in him/her the seven multiple intelligences that Howard Gardiner has identified and found to exist in various degrees in every individual as part of the school’s efforts to help develop the child into a whole individual.

While the academic activities enunciated in the curricula devised by the various Education Boards to which the school is affiliated to cater to the development of the linguistic, logical-mathematical and spatial intelligences of individual student, it is incumbent on the school to introduce a series of co-curricular and sport activities that provide opportunities for a student do develop his musical, intrapersonal, kinesthetic and interpersonal intelligences.

While co-curricular activities may perhaps be identified as those activities that bring out the linguistic, logical-mathematical and spatial talents of an individual student – an extension to the academic activities – the sport activities can be identified as those that develop the kinesthetic talent of an individual. School sports – whether individual or team sports- teaches one perseverance, selfness and competitive drive and discipline.

Our CEO is an enthusiastic supporter of co-curricular activities and actively participates in choosing the activities that are provided in the school among the myriad activities available today. The Coaches and Instructors for these activities have been carefully chosen for their dedication they have shown and the distinction they have achieved in their chosen field of activity.

In addition to the co curricular and sports activities provided by the school that may cater to the interests in general of individual students of the school, the school has organized CCA Clubs and Sports Clubs that minister to the interests that are peculiar to each individual child. The CCA Clubs are: Guitar, Western Dance, Bharat Natyam, Music, Western Music, Dramatics, Literary, School Band, Keyboard, German, Arts and Craft, Scouts, Guides and Bulbuls. The Sports Clubs are: Skating, Chess, Karate, Archery, Cricket, Basketball, Badminton, Table Tennis and Taekwondo.

While we may continue to use the words smart and stupid, and while IQ tests may persist for certain purposes, the monopoly of those who believe in a single general intelligence has come to an end. Brain scientists and geneticists are documenting the incredible differentiation of human capacities, computer programmers are creating systems that are intelligent in different ways, and educators are freshly acknowledging that their students have distinctive strengths and weaknesses.

Howard Gardner